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By supporting Eastern Europeans for top jobs and building alliances, French leader seeks to expand influence. Law enforcement faces greater scrutiny and widespread distrust following death of year-old concert-goer. Log in to access content and manage your profile.

french politics

If you do not have a login you can register here. Some 7, police were mobilized in anticipation of marches in French capital. Move follows drone and missile attacks attributed to Iran or its proxies in the region. Former judge will head probe into killing of prominent journalist.

If Brussels wants to fix flawed migration policy, it has to stand by Rome. Veteran pro-independence leader says move reveals desperation of ex-PM back in Study shows rising demand for more sustainable food and a willingness to pay for it.

French politics

Canada has had these incidents before, and the aftermath has tended to follow a pattern. French president and the Italian prime minister agree to work together on migration. Social and economic instability of a united Ireland would dwarf pain of a messy Brexit. Decision comes despite warnings arms export ban could undermine trust in Germany.

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The move comes after a recent attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Berliners never used to talk about real estate. Former prime minister is expected to announce the breakup on Tuesday. Search Term Search.

french politics

Login Register. Brussels Commission Parliament Council.

The French president knows that to fix the EU he must first fix France. Macron aims to seize role as global middle man.

Political System of France (CH-03)

Emmanuel Macron and Jair Bolsonaro have been trading barbs for days. French government officials had pushed for Nissan to support the merger. Nissan had said it would abstain.

Renault, in a separate statement, said its board was "unable to take a decision due to the request expressed by the representatives of the French state to postpone the vote to a later meeting. The apparent collapse of merger talks leaves the two companies facing an array of issues, starting with the likely dismay of investors who bid up shares in both companies after Fiat Chrysler proposed a merger of equals just over a week ago.

The politics of symbols: the French government’s response to the 2015 terrorist attacks

Fiat Chrysler had proposed that its shareholders receive a 2. Fiat Chrysler stood to gain access to Renault's superior electric drive technology to meet mandates for zero-emission cars. Renault would have had a share of the Italian-American company's lucrative Jeep sport utility vehicle and RAM pickup truck franchises.