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Learn more. Kaolinite, illite, chlorite, montmorillonite, and vermiculite are among the most important of the clay minerals. Cations are embedded between the silicate layers and on the basal faces of the crystals. Whereas only the cations on the outer faces are exchangeable in the first three of the above minerals, those between the layers can also be replaced by others in montmorillonite and vermiculite. These characteristics and the ability of montmorillonite and vermiculite to undergo intracrystalline swelling and to form inclusion compounds are responsible for the industrial importance of kaolin and clay.

The structure of halloysite is particularly interesting, since the silicate layers in this case are rolled up to form tabes. The possible role of the clay minerals as catalysts in the formation of petroleum and in the beginning of life is finally discussed. Volume 7 , Issue 9.

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Clay minerals

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Crystal Chemistry of Clay Minerals

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Introduction to Clay Minerals & Soils

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Clay Minerals Group

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