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My house move made me realize just how much stuff I had. Paper bags, trinkets, jewelry I never wore, and clothes that I didn't love were all possessions holding me back from what I truly wanted.

I had thought I was accumulating what I needed for when I eventually got married and had a house, but actually, it was emotional baggage that I was holding on to. I dreamed of quitting my job and moving to Italy. So I got serious and hired a coach: It was now or never. My coach and I agreed I would start a meditation practice. At first, I struggled to "stop thinking," but combined with reading books and blogs and with encouragement, accountability, and support from my coach, I persevered.

It was after a moment of breakthrough— oh, I actually get how to do this! It was a swirling, tension-type pain, usually showing up during the meditation. I read about transmuting the pain by fully feeling or accepting what was in my body, and I found that I was able to dissolve the pain.

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It felt amazing. At work, some weeks later, I experienced pain in my right wrist. It was an aching pain, and it hurt to use my mouse. I took a break from my desk and came back. My job involved document design, often under short deadline pressure, so not being able to use my right hand was going to severely limit my output. I tried again, and it was still there— a shooting pain —and it was hurting every time there was movement, even just to click the mouse. I cursed my job again.

I was convinced my work had been the reason I needed to start wearing glasses. Here was another sign that it was "just too much. What had worked to dissolve the shoulder pain was meditation. So I began to accept and love the parts of myself that were causing me pain.

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Previously, this practice had brought up an issue with a co-worker, who could be rather disorganized but who was passionate about what he did. When I was meditating he kept popping into my head. I had been working with him more than usual, and his turning up in my meditation practice was infuriating. Then I remembered that I'd read…"what you resist persists.

Once I'd learned to welcome him into my meditation and began speaking to him in my head with love, I found he no longer showed up. I understood that what I criticized in him was not accepting that part of me that was like him. I accepted it, and the pain began to dissolve. First, it felt stuck, then begin to move, then it disappeared. When the new pain appeared in my right hip, I was confident I could release it through meditation. After all, it had worked before. I suspected it would take longer, though: My right hip was a ball of tension and extremely stiff.

I could not make the pain release easily. I wondered if it was because I sat at my desk at work at a slight angle.

Heal Pain Naturally from within: A Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Now I believe I sat like that because of this inner tension. I was way out of alignment with myself—my Self. After three years of meditation, personal development work, and increasing my awareness to release the pain, I write this knowing the last is releasing. I've had rest and occasional massages.

How Meditation Relieves Pain – Vitality, Energy & Spirit

I became convinced both of the power of energy therapies reiki, EFT, and the Bowen Technique as well as awareness of my deep issues around trust and massive fear. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life , Louise Hay writes that our physical pain is created in the mind because of a lack of forgiveness. She suggests that pain in the hips is related to moving forward. It took me a long time to realize that if I didn't let go of all the pain and confusion and heartbreak that I'd buried, I would keep holding myself back from flourishing, from thriving and having fun again.

It took patience, tears, heart-wrenching conversations, and big steps of fear.

The mindfulness conspiracy – podcast

Sometimes I just found another layer underneath. I have had no medical intervention. I'd read enough about emotional pain becoming physical pain by the time it came up to know that it was the unfelt feelings that I had to become aware of and deal with.

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I didn't want painkillers, I wanted to heal. The pain had become chronic because I had not allowed myself to be ME for years, and unexpressed emotion needed to come out. Sometimes the pain was a dull ache that was barely noticeable. Sometimes it was overpowering, and all I could do was lie on my bed, exasperated. Sometimes it was a sharp pain; sometimes it was stiffness. Sometimes it was a hard knot of tension, sometimes a dragging feeling.

Sometimes it was confined to my hip; sometimes it extended through the whole of the right side of my body: the teeth on the right side of my mouth, my leg, and my back. My foot. My neck. My spine. I believe that my body is a house for my soul, and when my body, mind, and soul are in alignment, life flows easily and naturally.

I have uncovered remembered? With Natural Pain Relief, meditation expert Shinzen Young teaches you how to retrain your relationship to pain through traditional meditation practices. Drawing from 30 years of results in the field, this widely respected teacher offers the essential techniques that have proven successful at pain management centers around the country.

Shinzen Young is the founder of the Vipassana Support Institute and many other meditation centers around the country.

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