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Modelling binary data/ D. Collett

Auteur: David Collett David Collett. Co-auteur: Collett Collett.

Binary Choice - Linear Probability and Logit Models

Samenvatting Since the original publication of the bestselling Modelling Binary Data, a number of important methodological and computational developments have emerged, accompanied by the steady growth of statistical computing. Mixed models for binary data analysis and procedures that lead to an exact version of logistic regression form valuable additions to the statistician's toolbox, and author Dave Collett has fully updated his popular treatise to incorporate these important advances.

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Modelling Binary Data, Second Edition now provides an even more comprehensive and practical guide to statistical methods for analyzing binary data. Along with thorough revisions to the original material-now independent of any particular software package- it includes a new chapter introducing mixed models for binary data analysis and another on exact methods for modelling binary data.

The author has also added material on modelling ordered categorical data and provides a summary of the leading software packages. All of the data sets used in the book are available for download from the Internet, and the appendices include additional data sets useful as exercises.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s Praise for the first edition: A merit of the book, considerably enhancing its practical value, is the detailed discussion of computational issues and software. Overall the book provides an accessible and effective presentation of the topic. I recommend it.

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