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Medieval Art. Medieval Castles. Medieval Weapons. Medieval Clothing.

The Making of Medieval History

Medieval Knights. Medieval Swords and Armor. Medieval Religion. Medieval Life. Medieval Torture and Punishment.

Medieval Music. Medieval Food. Medieval History. Medieval Women. Medieval England.

Adam de la Halle

Medieval Kings. Medieval Life and Times Home. Famous People - Medieval Biographies and Timelines.

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Cookies Policy. Privacy Statement. Most remarkable, however, a self-consciously wrought work of biography came into being in the 9th century: this was The Life of Charlemagne , written by a cleric at his court named Einhard.

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He is aware of his biographical obligations and sets forth his point of view and his motives:. I have been careful not to omit any facts that could come to my knowledge, but at the same time not to offend by a prolix style those minds that despise everything modern.

Moniot d'Arras

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Load Previous Page. Historical development Western literature Antiquity In the Western world, biographical literature can be said to begin in the 5th century bce with the poet Ion of Chios, who wrote brief sketches of such famous contemporaries as Pericles and Sophocles.

Composers of the Middle Ages

Middle Ages This was a period of biographical darkness, an age dominated by the priest and the knight. Load Next Page.

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