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All the while, more citizens are pushed into dependency on this government, again because of marriage breakdown. Why Marriage Should Be Privileged in Public Policy Family Research Council All citizens, including policymakers, should do their part to uphold the institution of marriage, because it provides the best environment for raising children, who are the future of our society. Rhoades By its very nature, marriage is exclusively the union of a man and a woman. God is the author of marriage and He endowed marriage with certain essential attributes.

Male-female complementarity is essential to marriage. Catholic Bishops approved a pastoral letter that presents the essential points of Catholic teaching on marriage as a natural gift, as a sacrament, and as a public commitment between a man and a woman. It also discusses several contemporary challenges to marriage and how the Church addresses those challenges.

Marriage and Religion Research Institute MARRI The Marriage and Religion Research Institute is dedicated to making available the social science data and research on the impact of marriage and religious practice on the lives of children and the future of the nation. Strong Marriages Florida The statewide Florida campaign to strengthen marriage and reduce the divorce rate by training marriage mentors. Coalition For Divorce Reform The Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of divorce reform leaders, marriage educators, domestic violence experts, scholars, and concerned citizens dedicated to supporting efforts to reduce unnecessary divorce and promote healthy marriages.

Anderson, PHD. George and Jean Bethke Elshtain. The Solution for Marriages: Mentoring a New Generation Book Jeff Murphy and Chuck Dettman This unique guide provides pastors, marriage mentors and couples with a proven road map that masterfully combines timeless wisdom, critical relationship skills and the use of a thorough and validated couple assessment to virtually eliminate divorce.

Waite and Maggie Gallagher. Stanton and Dr. Bill Maier. Give Online. Please see the links below for resources on this critical issue: If your marriage is currently in crisis or you are considering divorce , please visit our Get Help resource page to find trusted information and counseling resources to restore and rebuild your marriage. Strong Marriages Florida The statewide Florida campaign to strengthen marriage and reduce the divorce rate by training marriage mentors Coalition For Divorce Reform The Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of divorce reform leaders, marriage educators, domestic violence experts, scholars, and concerned citizens dedicated to supporting efforts to reduce unnecessary divorce and promote healthy marriages.

We are fortunate to have a stable income and a happy home. Since I live in Canada, under law both my sets of parents are allowed to marry if they wish though have That my country telling me your famially is exceptable and just as important as any one elses in this country would be a bad thing. If my dad and step-dad decided to walk down the aisle tommorow I would celebrate, and the fact is, it would not affect you at all. So enjoy any success you get from this book, but know there are some of us out here who are tierd of people speaking for us, stealing our words and altering them to benefit their own cause.

Marriage is a choice not a nessesity.

Reclaiming Marriage | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

In fifteen years of life-experiance I have figured this out, perhaps you should look past your prejudice and conservatism to see the truth as well. By Blaque. I will check it out. By ladybugalice.

Too many people think that what someone else does with their marriage or pseudo-marriage relationship affects only them, and that they should be able to legally do whatever they please. This book clearly shows that marriage, divorce and co-habitating affect the whole community. Marriage laws must be passed to protect the community as a whole, and especially to protect children, who do not have any say in those relationships but are deeply affected by them.

I only wish the book were longer, and included even more facts and studies. It is a good start, though, and worth reading. By Daniel Dick. The fact that you think this sort of thing is OK is damage. The fact that you defend divorce shows you have learned to devalue marriage. Homosexuality is a choice and it is not a justification for breaking one's family. And, children need to grow up seeing the natural difference between the behavior and thought patters and to learn what it is to be a man or a woman, and they cannot get to know the differences well if they do not grow up raised by both a man and a woman.

You've grown up thinking love is temporary and that the most sacred of promises are made to be broken and therefore a promise means nothing. You have no value for the integrity of a person who keeps his or her word as you sternly defend those who do not keep their word. You cannot see the value of intimacy at all because one cannot enjoy intimacy with a So, you've lost what it means to honor promises, to honor marriage, to be a woman or a man, to be married, to be intimate, and to live in a real family, and by real, I mean real, not artificially declared to be real to make a political point.

Witherspoon Society

Real research of the real kind shows that children of divorce, not always, but statistically are more likely to be violent, promiscuous, depressed, suicidal, and more likely to divorce or fear marriage in adulthood. They are more likely to become pregnant as teens and to get involved with drug abuse. And, if you check the prisons to see how many violent criminals come from intact families, you will find most are from broken families.

Divorce often leads to poverty with one parent or the other or both or at the very best, a reduction of wealth. And, you know what? Nobody really needs official statistics to see this. It's all around us in plain view, and anyone with more than half a brain and at least a tiny bit of integrity would have no choice but to admit to this truth. It's just too stupid to try to argue against it.


And, it makes sense. Psychologists agree that divorce is one of the greatest causes of stress. Children and abandoned adults often end up on anti-depressants for six months to three years or more. Some must stay on them for life. And it's very, very common. Normally children should not be put onto anti-depressants because there is a greater risk of suicide, but sometimes people cannot function without Prosac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc. When your parents divorce, you grow up learning marriage and love are not forever. If parents can stop loving each other, then perhaps they can stop loving their children, too.

How do you know? They promised? You mean as they promised when they gave their wedding vows? Can anyone deny that people of integrity, courage, and sincerity of love will honor their vows to love their spouses faithfully as long as they both shall live? I was forced through an unwanted divorce, and I'm doing better now six years after my wife started her affair. Now, it's easy to take advantage of a cheap shot and try to pretend that my anger against divorce was probably the cause for our break up.

Reclaiming Marriage

But, my wife had bipolar disorder, and I loved her and stood by her sacrificially and lovingly through the very worst of times as well as the best of times. There were times she was an absolute angel and I knew for certain given the chance I would marry her all over again. And the times she was a horrible living terror to us all, I kept faith believing that somehow the woman I had loved so long was somehow still alive within her somewhere.

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