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Sports injuries were considered to be the most frequent causes of multiple ligament injuries of the knee, with 57 Respectively, 6. In addition, the results of some important demographic and clinical variables were evaluated as follows:.

Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair (BEAR) - Boston Children's Hospital

The values for each category of the demographic and clinical variables that were analyzed, as well as the p values, are shown in Table 1. Table 1 shows the graph for variables with statistical significance type of accident.

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Seven patients presented varus deformity of the knee; of these, two The mean age of these patients was In Of patients, nine presented with injury of a newly reconstructed ligament ACL associated with other ligament injuries in the same joint. All patients were males, and their mean age was The most affected side was the left side Eight of nine patients who suffered injuries of the new ligament acquired the injury during sports practice.

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Fortunately, multiple ligament injuries of the knee are not frequent 2. These complex injuries 1,2 can induce severe sequels if not properly treated. The majority of knee ligament reconstructions at our institution were performed in young, male sports amateurs. With combined ligament lesions, usually of the right knee, they delayed seeking special medical care for long periods.

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This delay with regard to surgical treatment may be explained by voluntary postponement by the patient or by difficulty in diagnosing these conditions by previously consulted orthopedic surgeons, who were generally not knee injury specialists. In this study, the injuries caused by sports practice exceeded those caused by traffic accidents, which corroborates some articles On the other hand, some authors 1,2,11 quote traffic accidents in their articles as being the most frequent cause, followed by sports accidents.

Anterior cruciate ligament injury

In our "sports injuries" case series soccer practice generated most occurrences of multiple ligament disruptions in the knee. This fact is explained by the widespread participation in this sport in our country. The group with ACL injury and other combined ligament injuries was more affected during sports practice and accidents with falls in general. The groups involving PCL injuries with other associated ligament disruptions were related to traffic accidents and direct trauma caused by an object weight. Some authors 1,3 have drawn attention to the importance of distinguishing between injuries generated by low energy and high energy situations.

They have stated that low energy situations are usually associated with sports injuries, while high energy situations are associated with car accidents, as observed in our study. Combined injuries to the ACL and medial structures are the most frequent complex ligament injuries of the knee However surgical treatment of the medial area is required only in rare cases This explains the small number of such cases operated on in this case series. Patients affected by injury of the neoligament ACL associated with other ligament injuries waited much longer to seek medical advice, with a significant statistical difference.

Surgical Anatomy of the Knee | SpringerLink

However, they did not develop varus deformities of the knee in a statistically significant manner, as occurred with primary injuries. Chronic combined ligament disruptions may generate knee deformities. In our retrospective analysis:. The majority of ACL lesions associated with additional ligament injuries other than PCL injury are related to sports practice and falls.

The initial focus will be on preventing ACL tears, one of the most common knee injuries among young athletes.

Many young ACL surgery patients need second surgery later on

Those who participate in cutting and pivoting sports such basketball, soccer, football, skiing and lacrosse are most prone to an ACL injury. Materials provided by Hospital for Special Surgery. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News.

ScienceDaily, 1 May Hospital for Special Surgery. Many young ACL surgery patients need second surgery later on.

Alternatives to ACL reconstruction

Retrieved September 24, from www. While the ACL can be reconstructed through surgery, there is a high risk of re-injury in Approximately , Americans experience a torn ACL each year, and more than half undergo surgical repairs. Only in isolated partial anterior cruciate ligament ACL tears without a positive pivot shift phenomenon is conservative treatment justified. However, many of these injuries may require operative reconstruction later. In complete ACL tears the surgical treatment consists of primary reconstruction or augmented primary repair.

Today, the middle third of the patella tendon with the bone blocks is regarded as the "gold standard" for augmented repairs and late reconstructions.