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Not you? Forgotten password? Integral Equations and Operator Theory, vol 68 issue 2 , pp. Lewkowicz, An easy-to-compute factorization of rational generalized positive functions. System and Control Letters, vol 59, pp. Gohberg, M. Kaashoek, L. Lerer and A. Krein systems and canonical systems on a finite interval: accelerants with a jump discontinuity at the origin and continuous potentials. On the characteristics of a class of Gaussian processes within the white noise space setting. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, vol. Alpay and D. Linear stochastic systems: A white noise approach.

Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, vol. Langer, S. Reich and D. Boundary interpolation and rigidity for generalized Nevanlinna functions. Nachrichten, , No. Alpay, O. Timoshenko, P. Vegulla and D. Generalized Schur functions and related de Branges - Rovnyak spaces in the Banach space setting. Alpay and J. Generalized Q-functions and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps for elliptic differential operators. Timoshenko and D. Alpay, S. Rigidity, boundary interpolation and reproducing kernels.

Complex Methods in Function Theory, vol. Melnikov and V. Volume , Issues , July , Pages Volume , Issues , June , Pages Dijksma and D. Schur multipliers and de Branges Rovnyak spaces: the multiscale case.


Journal of Operator Theory, vol. Krein systems. Dijksma and H. The Schur transformation for Nevanlinna functions: operator representations, resolvent matrices, and orthogonal polynomials. A connection between Szego sequences and Nehari sequences in the matrix-valued case.

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications. Operator Theory: Advances and Applications vol , pp. Alpay and C. Cascade representation and minimal factorization of multidimensional systems. Systems and Control Letters, vol. Augmented Schur parameters for generalized Nevanlinna functions and approximation.

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications vol. A characterization of Schur multipliers between character-automorphic Hardy spaces. Rational functions associated to the white noise space and related topics. Potential Analysis, vol. On the reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces associated with the fractional and bi-fractional Brownian motions.

Inverse problems for first order systems. Alpay, R. Buursema, A. International Book Series of Mathematical Texts , pp. Linear Algebra and its Applications. Discrete systems and their characteristic spectral functions. Alpay, M-E. On the norms of quaternionic extensions of some real operators. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, vol. Langer and Y. The Schur transformation for generalized Nevanlinna functions: interpolation and self-adjoint operator realizations.

Complex analysis and operator theory vol. Toeplitz operators on Arveson and Dirichlet spaces. The transformation of I. Schur and related topics in an indefinite setting. Correa-Romero, M-E. Hyperholomorphic rational functions: the Clifford analysis case. Complex Variables and Elliptic Functions vol. Langer, J-unitary factorization and the Schur algorithm for Nevanlinna functions in an indefinite setting.

Linear algebra and applications, vol. Some remarks on the smoothing problem in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space. Alpay, A, Ran and L. Basic classes of matrices with respect to quaternionic indefinite inner product spaces. Langer and G. Basic boundary interpolation for generalized Schur functions and factorization of rational J-unitary matrix functions.

Discrete analogs of canonical systems with pseudo-exponential potential. Inverse problems. Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, vol , pp. Definitions and formulas for the spectral matrix functions. Reproducing kernel spaces of series of Fueter polynomials.

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Volok, Realization theorems for stationary multiscale systems. Kalyuzhnyi-Verbovetzkii, Matrix-J-unitary non-commutative rational formal power series. Dewilde and D. Interpolation and approximation of quasi-separable systems - the Schur-Takagi case. Calcolo, vol. Volok, Point evaluation and Hardy space on a homogeneous tree.

On commuting operators solving Gleason's problem. Rational hyperholomorphic functions in R4. Kalyuzhnyi-Verbovetzkii, On the intersection of null spaces for matrix substitutions in a non-commutative rational formal power series. Alpay, T. Azizov, A. The Schur algorithm for generalized Schur functions IV: unitary realizations.

Reproducing kernel quaternionic Pontryagin spaces. Factorization of J-unitary matrix-polynomials on the line and a Schur algorithm for generalized Nevanlinna functions.

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  • Gohberg, Pairs of self-adjoint operators and their invariants. Algebra i Analiz, vol. Volok, Espaces de de Branges Rovnyak et fonctions de Schur: le cas hyper-analytique. Gleason's problem and tangential homogeneous interpolation for hyperholomorphic quaternionic functions.

    Interpolation Theory, Systems Theory and Related Topics

    Complex Variables, vol. A theorem of Beurling-Lax type for Hilbert spaces of functions analytic in the unit ball. A basic interpolation problem for generalized Schur functions and coisometric realizations. Alpay and T. A family of Hilbert spaces which are not reproducing Kernel Hilbert spaces. Journal of Analysis and Applications, vol. Backward shift operator and finite dimensional de Branges Rovnyak spaces in the ball. Alpay, B.

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    Schneider, M. A realization theorem for rational functions of several complex variables. Systems and Control Letters, Volume 49, Issue 3 pp. Putinar and V. A Hilbert space approach to bounded analytic extension in the ball. Communications in Pure and Applied Analysis, vol. Constantinescu, A. Notes on Interpolation in the Generalized Schur Class. Nudelman's Problem. A trace formula for canonical differential expressions. The Schur algorithm for generalized Schur functions II: Jordan chains and transformation of characteristic functions.

    Monatshefte fur Mathematik, vol. A note on interpolation in the generalized Schur class. Applications of realization theory. Alpay, J. Ball and Y. System theory, operator models and scattering: the time-varying case. Bolotnikov, A. Dijksma and B. Nonstationary analogues of the Herglotz representation theorem for unbounded operators. Archiv der Mathematik, vol.

    Bolotnikov and L. Two-sided residue interpolation in matrix H2 spaces with symmetries: conformal conjugate involutions. Proceedings of the AMS, , [] D. Some extensions of Loewner's theory of monotone operator functions. Journal of Functional Analysis Vol. Alpay and V. Finite dimensional de Branges spaces on Riemann surfaces.

    Bolotnikov, and H. The Schur algorithm and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in the ball. Linear Algebra and Applications, vol. Boundary interpolation in the ball.

    Some finite dimensional backward-shift invariant subspaces in the ball and a related interpolation problem. Bolotnikov, P. Dewilde and A. Brune sections in the nonstationary case. Linear Algebra and Applications, , Colligations in Pontryagin spaces with a symmetric characteristic function. The Schur algorithm for generalized Schur functions I: coisometric realizations. Inverse problems associated to a canonical differential system. Dijksma and Y. Nonstationary analog of the Herglotz representation theorem: realizations centered at an arbitrary point.

    Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, vol Realization and factorization in reproducing kernel Pontryagin spaces. Chevreuil and Ph.

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    An extension problem for discrete time periodically correlated stochastic processes. Journal of Time series analysis, vol. A coisometric realization for triangular integral operators. Dijksma, and C. Hilbert spaces contractively included in the Hardy space of the bidisk, Positivity, vol. Alpay and E. Subclasses of Herglotz-Nevanlinna matrix-valued functions and linear systems.

    Alpay and Y. Quasi-coisometric realizations of upper triangular matrices. Connections between the Caratheodory-Toepliz and the Nehari extension problems; The discrete scalar case. Ball and V. Bolotnikov, On the bitangential interpolation problem for contractive valued functions in the polydisk. Journal of Operator Theory. Realizations for Schur upper triangular operators centered at an arbitrary point. Integral Equation and Operator Theory, vol. Gohberg, R. Kaashoek and A. Direct and inverse scattering problem for canonical systems with a strictly pseudo-exponential potential. Nachrichten, vol.