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Lego Colouring Pictures

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen is appointed Managing Director. LEGO Schweiz is established. The current LEGO stud-and-tube coupling system is patented. The new coupling principle makes models much more stable. The first telex machine and photocopier in Billund. Futura, the product-development department, now has five members of staff.

A market analysis department is established. Photography department is established. The machines in the production are now so automatic that one operator can handle two machines at a time. LEGO gives the municipality of Billund approx. The wooden toy warehouse is destroyed by fire. Production of wooden toys is discontinued entirely. Approximately employees in Billund. The range comprises 50 sets, 15 vehicles and various loose elements. First ever strike at LEGO. LEGO Italy is established. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen buys a small Piper Apache plane room for two pilots and three passengers in association with Sonderjyllands Flyselskab later to become Cimber Air.

A landing field is established just outside Billund. LEGO Australia is established. The first personnel manager hired.

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Godtfred Kirk Christiansen presents the company to the ten product characteristics: 1. Unlimited play potential 2. For girls and for boys 3. Fun for every age 4. Year-round play 5. Healthy, quiet play 6. Long hours of play 7. Development, imagination, creativity 8.

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The more LEGO, the greater the value 9. Extra sets available Quality in every detail. LEGO Austria is established. Procurement department established. Billund Airport opens. Model sets, complete with building instructions, are launched as a natural addition to existing Basic and Supplementary sets. First sales to the Middle East Lebanon.

LEGO Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Attack Review! Set 7198 From 2009

The product range comprises 57 sets and 25 vehicles. A total of million LEGO elements are produced during the year. LEGO is now sold in 42 countries. The small wheel for small cars is invented — launches in The machine costs DKK 85, First sales to Latin America: Peru and Curacao.

follow link Selected Product News Doll house elements incl. The license agreement with Samsonite ends in the US. First sales to the Czech Republic. A single new LEGO logo replaces the various logos that have been used until now. First sales to Eastern Europe Hungary. It is a study of children and their play with LEGO bricks. LEGO Spain is established.

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Procurement in the US is established. LEGO Portugal is established. English becomes the official corporate language. Minitalia, that launched in Italy in , is removed from the product line. Stolen magic.

Rising evil. When orphan Harper discovers a legendary Dragonheart, her life changes forever. Thank you! You have successfully joined Meg Cowley's reader group.

Jan Von Holleben.

Look out for your confirmation email. There are still tens of thousands of them left, and people have personalized them in gorgeous ways. History lesson over. Maths Links: Shape, both 2d and 3d. Counting - How many squares, triangles etc. Create your own cube house using shapes. There is so much going on in this very busy picture, that there are many possibilities for maths talk. Here are a few suggestions. What shapes can you see? Can you spot any repeating patterns? How many planes can you see? How many people do you think are in this scene?

How could we find out or have a best guess without counting all of the people? Picture like this can be great for just a starter or to base a whole lesson around, especially for younger children. How many balloons all together? Do any of the balloons have a repeating pattern? Which balloon is closest to us? Which balloon is furthest away? What shapes can you see in this picture? Word Problems: These can be adapted to suit your children. There are 18 balloons, unfortunately 3 are blown away, how many are left? There are 5 balloons, each need 5 blasts of gas before they will take off, how many blasts are used?

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There are 22 balloons with 2 people in each basket, how many people are there? Resources: Colour and make your own hot air balloon. Here are a series of pictures that have the numbers hidden in them, can you find them all? This picture has numbers other than hidden in it. So much to talk about and discuss in this lovely picture: Some things you could ask: How many birds can you see? How many creatures with wings?