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Then a rogue is captured and what he says will leave her reeling. My clan are one of two groups in t Deadric World's short stories. A collection of erotic stories based in the world of Deadric. Contains such popular characters as Seeli, Rose, Shy, and Tatianna. Fetishes included but are no limited A young werewolf dies for what is right, and meets his Goddess.

She sends him back, giving him strength and power and a chance to save the woman he died for.

Will love be enough to save them all? Although Rosie is very kind, she unconsciously—or not—loses control when it comes to Dani.

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Animals are driven by instincts. And Lycans are humans that shape-shift into wolves that are as the size o I roll us over as he pins my hands above my head locking are gazes. I can kill you. Meet 23 year old Ruby May. She didn't mean to meet Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. Erotic Fantasy Stories A list of erotica-fantasy books, stories, and novels! Genres: Erotica , Fantasy. Am I Regular? Genres: Fantasy , Erotica. Marked Genres: Erotica , Fantasy.

Unrequited Love Genres: Fantasy , Erotica. Back From Beyond Sample Rating: 4. Author: R. Reviewed by Esther Kamore. Endangered Bond Genres: Fantasy , Erotica. Luna's Angel Rating: 4. Alternatively, an Amazonian style matriarchy may exist where women play the dominant role in society and lesbian rela- tionships are the norm, with men used only for procreation. In many games, there are already prebuilt preju- dices, mostly along racial lines. Dwarves, for example, are classically depicted as being the enemies, or at 12 least antagonistic, toward elves.

How would a gay dwarf t into his own society?

Karelasyon: Woman's abusive encounter with a spirit (full episode)

Would he be shunned, tolerated, or revered as someone special? It should be noted that having a sexual prefer- ence outside the societal norm is not the same as promiscuity. A homosexual character can be chaste, moralistic, prudish, intolerant, or rampant with his or her sexuality, just as a heterosexual person can be.

Also, remember that your fantasy world is not the same as our own. By avoiding or embracing the stereotypes of gays and lesbians as they are seen in the real world, you and your players can create some- thing unique and interesting. Kinks and Fetishes One mans kink is another mans vanilla. Every person has sexual likes and dislikes, but some push the envelope for what may be considered nor- mal. Fetishes and kinks might be nothing more than a sexual preference for an item that is outside the societal norm. A kink is simply something out of the ordinary that a character likes during sex-bondage, tickling, leather, or domination, for example.

Not every sexual act requires the kink, but he denitely enjoys it when it happens. Kinks have no eect on a characters sex- ual performance. Someone with a fetish requires the act, item, or situation to achieve sexual enjoyment. For example, a character with a fetish for elves gets no particular enjoyment or even arousal with any other race. In a fantasy world, fetishes and kinks can be astoundingly broadexotic creatures or sex mixed with magic.

Many fetishes revolve around materi- als, such as the look and feel of leather, rubber, or metal. In a fantasy world, more unusual substances may turn someone on, such as the pulsing magical feel of mithral, or the cold hardness of scales. Other fetishes involve clothing, such as the macho image of uniforms or armor, or the sensuous nature of female clothing. In a world where fantasy is the norm, sexual desires may run into the fantastic as well.

Prostitution: Sacred and Profane Hey there. Looking for a good time? The oldest profession is thoroughly enmeshed in the visceral, physical world of fantasy roleplaying. In all but the smallest of communities, those who give sexual favors in exchange for money or other com- pensation exist. For adventurers with an itch that they cant scratch, going to prostitutes for sex may be a routine part of a game. Prostitution has the main advantage of providing sexual relief for those willing to pay for it.

A char- acter with no desire for emotional ties may get his entire sexual appetite lled from prostitutes alone. However, in many societies, particularly lawful communities, prostitution is illegal and considered morally reprehensible. Someone caught with a pros- titute or even pandering one , may be ned, publicly humiliated, or jailed. In these places, bordellos are secret or semisecret aairs that are commonly found in the seediest portions of town. Regardless of whether prostitution is legal, sexually transmitted diseases are common with prostitutes, which is a prime motivator for lawmakers to make prostitution illegal.

A randy adventurer should strive to protect himself to avoid catching something from one night of passion. Pornography Have you ever seen the orgy frescoes on the temple of Karan Zar? Breathtaking, if I might say so myself Pornography, the depiction of men and women engaged in sexual acts, may not seem a natural part of a game. After all, pornography is a visual or writ- ten medium mat may be dicult to portray during the course of a typical gaming session. Still, people have been creating pornography as soon as they were able to draw, although they probably didnt consider it as such.

Various societies have dramatically dierent atti- tudes towards what is considered pornography, just as they do art. For some, depicting men and women in the throes of passion is not only considered beau- tiful, but also sacred and divinethe portrayal of basic urges and desires.

In other places, especially those with a nudity taboo, the idea of looking at pictures, carvings, and the like of sexual acts can be considered both immoral and abhorrent. In general, a societys attitude towards pornography is similar to how they view sexuality. If a society is open with their sexuality, then images of such are considered both normal and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, what one person may consider perfectly acceptable, another may nd repulsive. Introducing pornography in a game can be a precursor to a sexual campaign.

For example, the adventurers stumble across an ancient building deep in a rain forest. The lichen encrusted walls are etched with erotic imagery from a culture long for- gotten. Was the building a temple to sexually positive gods? Was it a brothel? Perhaps the images them- selves reveal secrets of sexual techniques hitherto unknown in the adventurers society. And nally, are the characters intrigued or repulsed by the images? Either way, its a good way to gauge how your play- ers and their characters may react to further sexual situations within your campaign. Within the characters home society, pornography can be found anywhere, as long as they know where to look.

In sexually open places, there could be pornog- raphers hawking their wares on the streets, enticing passersby with arousing books full of graphic sex. Within conservative societies, a character wishing to nd pornography may have to go to the same places where other illegal items are foundthe seediest and most dangerous places in the city. Each race has their own attitudes about pornog- raphy.

Although, its easy to fall into stereotypes, it doesnt take much to believe that dwarves may reject most public displays of pornography, while elves would blend the lines between sex and art so that the two would be indistinguishable. Gnomes are noted for creating pornography that is both extremely humorous and arousing in the same image. Among the monstrous humanoids, pornography is probably absent, at least as humans perceive it.

However, as most monstrous humanoids have little in the way of modesty, its easy to conceive tribes adorning their walls with crude, bawdy images of sexual acts. In fantasy roleplaying, where magic is both com- mon and powerful, pornography can go far beyond the two-dimensional.

Illusionists may specialize in creating vivid, erotic images for their clients, while scribes could ll tomes full of sexual images that actually move and writhe on the page. There could be an entire cottage industry for spellcasters that fulll the fantasies of their clients through magic. Just as video captures the image of a person, porno- graphic illusionists could exist who are on the hunt for sexually alluring subjects on which to base their work. Spellbooks themselves may be erotic in nature, complete with lifelike images of sex intermingled with the arcane writing.

Those who nd such work distasteful may even overlook the fact that power lies between the pictures that they refuse to gaze upon. In short, where there is sex, pornography is sure to be right behind. The Consequences of Love and Sex Love and sex can add incredible depth to your role- playing experience. However, in a game that involves sex, many things could result that the character may not have been prepared for. Marriage and Bonding May love, like sweet nectar, bless this holy union. Often considered one of the most noble and highly regarded elements of a society, committing to a marriage or legal union is an important part of any persons life.

Through marriage, the bonds of soci- ety are strengthened. Through children, a common result of marriage, family lineages are kept strong. However, the life of an adventurer is often ill suited to marriage, considering the dangerous tasks that such a person undertakes.

By taking to the road in search of wealth, excitement, or promotion of a cause or deed, adventurers rarely spend that much time at home, fostering a family rife. Still, forming a union with another person or multiple people and having children can be just as fullling, frustrating, and interesting as any normal adventure. A married character has a partner or partners she can rely on, as someone who provides emotional, social, and nancial support.

Married people live longer lives in our world, have better nances, and are less suspect in social situations-this may also apply in a fantasy setting. Married men and women show lower signs of stress and have better immune systems. In addition, they have someone who can take care of them in their old age, increasing their sense of security.

If both members of a married couple are adventur- ers, each has an ally who watches out for the other. Through their love, great and epic adventures await. Commitment and Infidelity Of course Ive never dishonored you! In a game that involves sexual aspects, the topics of commitment and indelity come up, causing both joy and woe for the person involved. Commitments and delity are culturally dened. A wide variety of norms are possible. Some dene them narrowly, some broadly. Fidelity for some is 14 partnership with one or a few people with whom one has sacred vows prohibiting sexual sharing outside the relationship.

Others have broader com- mitments that prohibit sexual selectiveness. Example 1: In one country, it may be that you must only have one partner. Indelity in a society with such norms can result in many negative con- sequencesemotional, social, and even magical. A character who makes a vow to be true to his partner particularly a worshiper of Kaladis , may nd his powers waning and doors shut in his face after his sexual liaison with another partner, In most soci- eties, having sex outside ones union may result in grounds for divorce or even legal punishment.

Example 2: In a very dierent society, the emphasis may be on procreation and the expansion of popula- tion. Here, you must create a child for the good of the community. Celibacy or having only one partner goes against society. Until the person has contrib- uted an ospring to the community, he or she may have to take multiple partners and endeavor to become a parent. The life of an adventurer often takes them far from home, away from the familiar comforts and often sexual gratication from their chosen mate.

Temptation lies around every corner, in the form of prostitutes, seductive creatures, or even grateful townsfolk willing to show their appreciation In the game, alignment is a good indication as to how a character deals with the issue of indelity. Lawful characters are the least likely to stray from a committed relationship, while chaotic characters are inclined to engage in sex outside the commitment.

A good character feels guilt and regret about his behav- ior, while an evil character may go out of his way to have sex with as many people as he can. However, a characters alignment is not the only indication of how a character deals with issues of delity. A chaotic evil character may actually be a devoted if violent and scary wife, who wouldnt think to bed down with someone other than her mate. In con- trast, a lawful good character may be righteous in all endeavors, but possess a wandering eye. Pregnancy and Childbirth Remember that night during the Midsummer festival?

I think we need to talk The act of sex is done to ensure the survival of the species, for with- out it, there would be no life. In a typical game, sex is absent, and thus, children are rarely heard or seen, unless they are involved in the plot in some way. A barbarian horde has captured all the children of the village and plans to sell them into slavery. With games that include sex, the chance of pregnancy is a possible outcome, regardless of the wishes of the couple involved. In the pseudomedieval world of fantasy roleplay- ing, siring children is an important aspect of any persons existence.

For commoners and other peas- ant folk, having children often many ensures that there are enough hands to help raise the crops, work the elds, mill the wheat, cobble the shoes, or a thousand other tasks that require the hands-on approach. For nobles, children means continuation of the bloodline, along with die rights, titles, money, and power that go along with it. In most societies, producing an heir is of the utmost importance, so that the family, along with titles, status, and posi- tions of power, may be maintained. So how do adventurers handle pregnancy? If it is planned, it should be a joyous event, with the proud parents putting time, money, and energy toward the welfare of the child.

If its unplanned and occurs outside marriage, the couple must deal with the same issues that occur in real lifeshould they get married? Who will be responsible for the childs wel- fare? Will the child be accepted into the family or be considered a bastard? As she comes to term, however, a female adventurer might nd herself less inclined to head into dan- gerous situations, as her body and natural instincts curtail such ambitions.

Conversely, the adventurers may have a greater passion and will to adventure, so to provide for their osprings future. In a world lled with magic, unusual births may occur. The child might be born in nine weeks rather than nine months and grow to adolescence in the blink of an eye. One of the parents may be a dragon, a celestial, a devil, or some other exotic beast, with the resulting child being a half-breed with unusual powers.

In such cases, the parents must not only contend with a squalling newborn, but one that spontaneously breathes re! In all cases, you should talk to your players ahead of time about the chance of pregnancy and every- thing it entails. No player should be forced to deal with these consequences if they object and you should be sensitive to the will of your players.

The Cons Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Balancing out the benets of sex are many pitfalls. Disease, unwanted pregnancy, emotional heartbreak, and jealousy go hand-in-hand with the act of physi- cal love. One of the unfortunate side eects of sexual con- tact is the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. In the real world, STDs account for some of the most devastating losses among communities.

In the gritty, dirty world of most fantasy settings, diseases some more horrible than can be imagined run rampant. By adding a sexual component to your game, you may also bring along the specter of sexually trans- mitted diseases. All manner of emotions go along with sex, from passion and lust to jealousy and hatred. A casual ing may result in obsession by the other person, or a jealous husband may nd out that his wife has been sneaking behind the tavern with one of the adventurers. Lawful societies also have strict codes about sexual behavior, and a randy character may nd himself behind bars if he lets his loins do his thinking for him.

Chastity I said no. In a game without sex, all characters can be con- sidered chaste. Such characters in adventures that include sex, however, may miss out on everything from enticing social encounters to powerful magic that stems from sex. They might nd themselves on the fringe of the otherwise sexually active group, which considers him prudish or uptight. A chaste character in a sexual game may also nd himself in awkward cultural dilemmas. For example, Batiri, a proud and virtuous paladin has chosen to lead a life of chastity.

As a sign of hospitality and appreciation for her assistance in repelling a horde of goblins, the Grand Vizier oers her one of his concubines for the night. Although she politely refuses, the lord is furious at such a breach of social etiquette. Or, Batiri accepts the request, but lets it be known in the morning that the sexual encounter was not to her liking. To save face, the Grand Vizier proudly states that he will have the concubine put to death for her lack of skill. Now Batiri must deal with the knowledge that the life of an innocent has been put in jeopardy because of her!

By not having sex, the character avoids the prob- lems inherent with sexdisease, pregnancy, and unwanted liaisons. They also stand a better chance of avoiding the predations of particularly seductive NPCs and creatures such as succubi. Sexual Taboos Some things are just not done. Despite the diversity of sexuality that exists, some activities are nearly universally banned.

Common taboos exist across cultures and species. Culturally Dependent Taboos Each society forms its own set of expectations, including those regarding sex. Depending upon various cultural inuences including religion, align- ment, species, education, geography, and politics, a people often adopt specic norms. They decide what is and what is not acceptable sexual behavior.

The more rigid, suppressive, and narrow-minded a soci- ety, the more taboos it has. Often, these serve merely to set the members of one society apart and dierent from a rival society. The repression sometimes takes the form of law, making these aspects of sexuality illegal. Other times, it manifests though social prejudice. In addi- tion to the activity being societally prohibited, open discussion, tolerance, or even the mere mention of the taboo topic can be socially stigmatizing.

Com- mon taboos include the following. Universal Taboos Bestiality Child molestation Incest with immediate family Necrophilia sex with the dead or nonsentient undead Rape Rites of Passage Societies have benchmarks by which they determine whether an individual is an adult or a child. Some use the onset of a girls menses or another biologi- cal change as the indicator. A few choose an arbitrary date by which they indicate adulthood. Often a ritual or ceremony marks the transition from childhood to maturity.

Depending upon the culture and its attitudes toward the individual, some passages are determined by the actions of the soon-to-be adult and others are determined or done by society.

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In almost all cultures, the child welcomes the transi- tion to adulthood. Common rites of passage for both males and females include the following. At the core of the custom are some basic pur- poses for the union. Many societies use marriage and marriage-like ties to clarify property rights, simplify inheritances, delineate parentage, transfer titles and lineage rights from parent to child, and establish clear succession among royals or rulers.

Common marriage or committed union customs include the following. Even two communities that both worship Kaladis, the deity of marriage and commitment, may interpret the deitys holy tenants very dierently. One place may hold that Kaladis created com- mitment and marriage as a means of joining of two individuals of opposite gender for a life-long com- mitment that does not permit sex outside marriage. Another place may have as its norm that Kaladis created commitment and if one person gives his or her word, that word must be followed.

In this soci- ety, marriage may last only until the next new moon and only forbids extramarital sex if the participants specify a vow to that eect. A simple handfasting might only commit the participants for a year. Regardless, each culture,, even within the same race, may have wildly dierent rules as to what is considered a union.

Common lengths of bond include the following. The dissolution of a marriage can be cither simple or complex. In a society where the rules for marriage are clearly dened, dissolution has little extraneous fallout, although there can still be bruised emo- tions, concerns about children, and the like. In the pseudomedieval setting of fantasy roleplaying, the consequences of separation have far more reach- ing possibilities than in real life.

Commoners that are tied to a particular lord or plot of land may nd themselves completely cut o from their livelihood, their extended family, and any rights that they might have. In more cosmopolitan or liberal societies, mar- riage itself may be a casual aair, resulting in equally casual dissolutions. A character from a place with strict guidelines for marriage and divorce may be amazed or appalled at the nonchalant attitude about such things when visiting a foreign society.

With dissolution, property is commonly divided and custody of children is determined. However, many cultures may have rules that dictate that only one or the other divorcee receives any form of com- pensation. For example, in a highly patriarchal 18 society, males may have the right not only to divorce their wife, but also retain all possessions and chil- dren. Theres nothing stopping you from coming up with unique, even bizarre, outcomes for dissolution of a marriage or union.

For example, it could be law that if dissolution occurs, all their property, assets, and even children are spread out among the rest of the village. Each alignment includes heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual folk. Alignment inu- ences other aspects of sexuality such as the approach taken toward monogamy or promiscuity.

The entries below are general philosophical guidelines only. Lawful Good Be Virtuous in All Endeavors A lawful good character acts with thought, looking ahead to the implications of his actions. He ear- nestly endeavors to be honest and respectful with any potential partner. Some choose to be celibate or chaste. Others wait for sex until a permanent rela- tionship, such as a marriage, is formalized.

A lawful good alignment does not prohibit sex outside marriage. It just means that the character must clearly communicate what he is oering and what he expects from his partner. Are they intending to spend just one night of passion together with no obligations? Are they beginning an ongoing relation- ship with commitments excluding other partners?

What happens if a partner conceives? Even paladins can have robust, varied sex lives, but they need to come to clear terms with their lovers in advance. The bards dulcet tones slowly faded and were replaced by the inn patrons applause and cheers. Cries of Chevel! Coins clinked into her cap as her audience showed their appreciation.

The paladin Valeria slapped her leather-clad thigh in approval. The bard winked at her and came over to her table. The tall, blonde warrior rose at the petite brunettes approach. The bard sat down, gesturing for the paladin to do the same.

Am I Regular?

My names Chevel Pleased to make your acquaintance, Valeria said. Buy me a drink? An honor. The paladin called for the innkeeper to bring two glasses and a bottle of wine. An hour or so later, the two women were still sitting together, talk- ing, heads bent close together to hear each other over the noise. Their knees touched under the table. Valeria sighed, and leaned back, not wanting the moment to end, but needing to know if it was right for it to continue.

Youre lovely, sweet, and incredibly talented. Youve been flirting with me all eve- ning, and Ive quite enjoyed it I need to let you know that Im only in this town for tonight I leave with my crew at dawn. Valeria indicated a motley group assembled at one end of the bar. Its not likely I will pass this way again.

We can only have each other tonight. As Valeria finished speaking, she reached out and took Chevels hand, making sure to leave her grip loose enough so that the bard could pull away. Low-Light Vision Ex : Can see twice as far as a human in dim light. Scent Ex : Can detect approaching enemies, sni out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell. Smite Evil Su : Four times per day, this paladin may attempt to smite evil with one normal melee attack. Smiting a creature that is not evil has no eect but that use of the ability counts against the paladins total for that day.

Turn Undead Su : As a 12th-level cleric. Aura of Courage Su : This paladin is immune to fear, magical or otherwise. Detect Evil Sp : This paladin can detect evil at will as the spell. Divine Grace Su : This paladin applies her Cha- risma bonus on all saving throws. This modier is already gured into the statistics given above. Divine Health Ex : This paladin is immune to all diseases, including magical diseases such as mummy rot and lycanthropy. Empathic Link Su : This paladin can communi- cate telepathically with her mount at a distance of up to 1 mile.

The paladin has the same connection to an item or a place that the mount does. Heavy Warhorse Mount: Whenever she desires, this paladin can call upon the services of a special heavy warhorse mount. The creatures abilities and characteristics are summarized in the Thunder- hooves sidebar.

Neutral Good Give Pleasure This philosophy guides a character to seek to please her partner or partners. A neutral good charac- ter wishes to do good in the world. She focuses on enjoying life and making life enjoyable for those near or dear to her. Neutral good characters are easygoing lovers, sometimes pursuing casual relationships, some- times forming lasting commitments.

In either case, they have the strong desire to leave their partner happier for having been with them. Chevel paused for a moment, studying the paladin across from her. The warrior was beautiful and shining with devotion to her cause. Her earnest need to codif y this potential one-night stand amused the bard. Chevel wanted her, wanted to give her a night of pleasure to remember. She laid her hand on Valerias thigh, feeling the warmth and the wanting of the other woman. Echoing Valerias words from earlier, the bard replied, An honor.

The bard called for the innkeeper. She wanted to rent a room with a large, comfortable bed. The two women went up to the room. The paladin reached out to extinguish the oil lamp, but the bard stayed her hand. Chevel began to undress the paladin, slowly removing each article of clothing and folding it neatly on a chair, prolonging the procedure. Valerias muscled body showed several scarsmementos from many battles. The fine white lines did not detract from her beauty. They instead seemed to enhance it, forming a cryptic guidebook to her past.

The bard lightly traced the scars as she removed the paladins clothing. The gesture was intimate and accepting. As Chevel con- tinued to remove the garments, Valerias nipples hardened. When the paladin was completely naked, Chevel gently pushed her onto the bed. Stay right there, the bard said.

She began to hum a lively musi- cal number and started to undress herself in a burlesque striptease, snapping her fingers and slapping her thigh to provide the percussive emphasis she wanted. All the while, she kept her gaze on the lovely Valeria, flirting, teasing, and building the anticipation. The paladin enjoyed the show, feeling heat and longing in her groin. Her nipples ached sweetly. At last, the bard threw down the dainty thong that was her last bit of clothing.

Chevel pounced on Valeria. You were magnificent, the paladin said. Youve not begun to know magnificent, the bard replied. Bardic Music: Six times per day, Chevel can use her song or poetics to produce magical eects on those around her including herself, if desired. Starting a bardic music eect is a standard action. For more information on bardic music see page 29 in the Core Rulebook I.

Countersong Su : Chevel can counter magical eects that depend on sound by making a Perform check for each round of countersong. Any creature within 30 feet of the bard who is aected by a sonic or language-dependent magical attack may use the bards Perform check result in place of his or her saving throw if desired.

Countersong lasts for 10 rounds. Fascinate Sp : Chevel can cause up to two creatures within 90 feet that can see and hear her to become fascinated with her sit quietly, -4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Listen and Spot checks. Any obvious threat breaks the eect. Fascination lasts 5 rounds. Inspire condence lasts for up to 20 rounds. The eect lasts for 5 rounds after the ally can no longer hear the bard. Suggestion Sp : Chevel can make a suggestion as the spell to a creature that she has already fasci- nated see above.

Using this ability does not break her concentration on the fascinate eect, nor does it allow a second saving through against the fascinate eect. Making a suggestion doesnt count against Chevels daily limit on bardic music performances. A will saving throw DC 16 negates the eect. This ability aects only a single creature. Suggestion is an enchantment compulsion , mind-aecting, lan- guage-dependent ability. Hes rebellious and cares little for customs and norms, but respects others views.

Simply put, he does what he thinks is good and right. Often, a chaotic good character makes an eort to exhibit his individuality, especially in a repressive society. He knows what he believes and follows his heart, seeking happiness while trying not to hurt others. He wants those with whom he forms a rela- tionship to feel better o for having been with him. Madeline, the hostess of the House of a Thousand Pleasures, made a gesture and uttered a few words as she presented her holy symbol of Alilial. Her gaze sharpened, and became more penetrating.

She stared at them for a moment Okay, youre fine. The Game Room has two rules. First, you must be free of disease. You are. Second, the emphasis in this experience is sensuality and pleasure. You must be here with knowledge and without any compulsion. You must be willing to share yourself sexually, to experience pleasure, and to give pleasure. Are you? Yes, Desere and Silett spoke at once. Now, the fun can begin. The hostess led them up a flight of stairs and down a long corridor. As they passed several doors in the hallway, they could hear sounds of pleasure and play. She led them to the double doors at the end of the hall.

Gilt letters proclaimed the area beyond to be the Game Room. Madeline opened the doors. Desere was disappointed to see only a small foyer with another set of double doors at the far end. The host- ess closed the doors to the hall and took down two blindfolds from a peg in the vestibule. Theyre optional, but many of our visitors say they enhance the pleasure.

Just what have you gotten me into? Desere asked with a laugh. I don t want a blindfold. I do, Silett said, eager to gain the most fun from the experience. Once blindfolded, Silett groped about for Desere, intentionally brushing his hands against her breasts. He found her nipples quite perky. Good, She was having fun, too. Madeline asked.

Drive-by shooting in Germany!

Desere said Yes and he nodded. He heard Madeline open the inner doors. The blindfold took away his sight and forced him to concentrate on his other senses. A low symphony of moans, gasps, and sighs greeted his ears. He felt his manhood swell against the filmy silk robe he wore. He heard Desere gasp. Oh, its Undulating like the sea, she said. Good and evil are concepts of little importance.

Arranged marriages are common in a lawful neutral society. Many such societies have very particular cus- toms or laws governing sex. As with the lawful good worldview, sexuality is controlled and acts of sex are deliberate, considered matters, not lightly under- taken. But youre my husband! Why can t we make love yet? Were married! Ive explained to you before.

I will explain again, the monk stroked his wifes hair, trying to calm her as he would his horse when it became agitated. He wanted to share appreciation of convention and propriety with this young woman he hardly knew. Here, in this fiefdom, we have the First Night tradition. When one gets married, the local noble has the option, nay, the duty, to initiate the newly wed into sexuality.

Its a bond between the aristocracy and those who owe them fealty. It strengthens the bloodlines and makes the nobles care more about their people. I understand all that, but I hate it! I want us to be each others first lover, she kissed him through her tears. He kissed her for the last time that night, and slowly began his walk to the castle.

He hoped that Lady Eleanor would be gentle with him and leave him enough energy to consummate the marriage with his fretful bride in the morning. Neutral Act Naturally A neutral character is the most dicult to quantify. He doesnt seek to be evil or good, chaotic or lawful, but is by turns each, depending upon circumstance. In relationships, he may be virtuous or unfaithful, committed or casual.

Book of Erotic Fantasy | Human Sexual Activity | Bisexuality

He often does whats conve- nient and expedient. A neutral person might be faithful because he wants his partner or partners to be faithful or because he fears being caught. Like- wise, he might betray his lover because he wants to experiment or because he doesnt think his partner will nd out. A few neutral characters want perfect balance.

They diligently pursue the path of neutrality. Often, because of their philosophical pursuit of equilib- rium, they are chaste or partner only with another seeker of equilibrium because relationships with people of other temperaments generally lead to con- ict. Cliara untied her purse from her belt and let the coins chime out onto her dresser. Two gold pieces, ten silver pieces, and a handful of copper. A good nights wage, especially for only six customers. Good tippers, she thought aloud and chuckled softly to herself at the pun.

Both the good night and the money helped make up for yesterday. Last nights takings had been meager. Her last customers of the eve- ning were a pair of human women who had her service them, then paid her in silver-plated copper pieces. Still early, not yet midnight. She also could sleep late tomorrow. Nothing to do until noon, when she attended the life stretches at the kundala temple. The kundala exercise regime kept her body fit and supple. Cliara debated the merits of going downstairs to the common room and seeing if anyone new had shown up.

The pretty bard performing at the inn was talented. She attracted more patrons and put them in a good mood, making them feel happier and more generous. No more tonight, she decided. Her last client, a giantborn dwarf tantrist, had left her tired and a touch sore. He had given her a gold piece, though, more than twice what she normally charged.

Nice guy. Cliara looked at the money on her dressing table and decided to take a bath. Chaotic Neutral Its All About Me A chaotic neutral character does whatever she pleases, when she likes, with whomever she wants. She prides herself on her spontaneity, enjoying a blatant disre- gard for societal norms. She rarely pauses to consider the impact her actions have on other people.

When forming relationships, she only cares about herself and whats good for her. She often leaves a trail of emotional wreckage and heartbreak in her wake. Im bored, Falean complained to Ardella. She threw the last of the wood onto the fire in their makeshift camp at the side of the road. We haven t done anything interesting since we were thrown out of Percillas House of Pleasure for coating the whips with sovereign glue. Yeah but it was worth it to see the look on that pseudo-dominatrixs face when the whip wouldn t come away from that poor Half-orcs butt.

The two women laughed together, but the silence returned. After a moment, Ardella said, Im bored, too. Why, that, I challenge you to a game of First Fuck The first one of us to get laid gets gold and a massage from the loser, Falean said. Deal, Ardella agreed. Falean stood up. I hear hoof beats. This ones mine. The rhythmic pounding of hooves grew louder. It sounded like a single horse approaching at a trot Falean positioned herself, standing openly in the middle of the road. She unlaced the top of her shirt, exposing the uppermost curves of her ample bosom.

She reached inside the shirt and hitched them up to emphasize her cleavage and smoothed her skirt to show off her full hips. The rider approached and reined in his horse. He was a young, good-looking elf with hair the color of sunshine, Ooh sir, Falean began, advancing toward him and placing her hand on his stirrup. I need help so badly What is it? Whats wrong? Ooh, I have need of your nice, strong sword, she cooed. She used her left hand to draw up her skirts, exposing a bare expanse of thigh Come here and explore my deep, dark cave.

The elf sneered in annoyance. He shook her hand off his stirrup and kicked his mount into a gallop. Falean sighed, So much for the direct approach I should have known to be more subtle with an elf. She laced her shirt back up. Ardella giggled. Probably doesn t even like women, Falean endeavored to console herself. The two women laughed. At each other. At themselves. At the world. She takes what she wants from those within her power, negotiates with peers, and submits to those above her in rank. A lawful evil character is most denitely evil, but she plays by the rules.

Darvin shuffled into the courtyard of the Baroness Arsera, guided by two imposing soldiers. They had sternly warned him not to look directly at her. She sat beside a small pool, reading. He waited in silence, with his eyes fixed upon her feet, which, to his amazement, were bare. His fascination caused him to raise his head with a start when she finally spoke. You are Darvin, said the Baroness, not looking up from the slender book in her hands It has come to my attention that you are almost four months-a whole season-late in the payment of your taxes.

You have been given one chance to pay your rightful debt to me, and all you provided were a few pitiful baskets of withered wheat and two pieces of silver. The disgust in her voice made him wince. Pathetic She rose from her seat and walked toward him. His nose caught a whiff of exotic perfume, which mingled with the scent of his fear. I will make this brief. You have failed in your obligations to your rightful ruler.

For that alone, you give me leave to see you killed. He looked up at her with a gasp. The baronesss stunning face, framed by childlike golden curls, bore no emotion, As well as your family, she continued. There was little rain this year! No one had a good crop! Her hand snapped up and grabbed his face, cutting short his plea. The baronesss grip was hard, but slowly softened as she caressed his face, leering at his muscular frame. Darvin felt as if he were a cow being inspected before slaughter. You can decide to leave with your family surrendering all land, your house, all your possessions, or you can serve me.

As an assistant of sorts. Hope swelled in Darvins heart Yes, of course, milady! I am your servant and will do anything that you ask! The Baroness stood naked in her bedchamber, selecting a gown for the evening. The room was dimly lit with candles, held in the hands of a man, also naked, who stood beside her.

Short silver chains led from his pierced, bloody nipples to tight wristbands the chains prevented him from lowering his arms past his chest. Despite his 24 effort, the mans arms drooped ever so slightly. More light! The man, formerly known as Darvin, and now only called candle holder, did not flinch. To show pain, he knew, would only incite his mistresss wrath.

Lacking honor or principles, the neutral evil character values personal gain above all. He controls, abuses, or prostitutes others. Relation- ships involving a neutral evil individual tend to be emotionally painful, often lled with betrayal and deceit. Youre pregnant?

We should get married, he said, Im so happy! The barony will have an heir! Darling, of course I want to continue to make you happy, she said. You want to get married, we will get married. She smiled as she mentally added up the number of times she was married, either falsely by a paid-off, often drunk, official, or quasi-legally legal only where polygamy was accepted. She was no more pregnant than she had been a virgin when she first came to the Barons bed. She almost felt bored with how easy it had been to fool the aging aristocrat Im looking forward to having a nice, big ring and a lovely trous- seau!

You will get me a nice ring and lots of nice clothes and jewelry, won t you, darling? He was hard with the thought of his own fertility. He was already close to orgasm She used her magic-enhanced skill to keep him aroused but not let him climax. Site pressed at a point just behind his testes and used her fingers to maintain pressure on his shaft He never noticed the stilled, silent spell she cast to prolong his pleasure.

Her mouth began to caress his shaft, her tongue tracing patterns of greed and lust. With each lick, she enumerated another thing for him to buy her. A lovely horse! With horseshoes that can make it fly! A magic cloak to make me even prettier! Oh, I would love to have a true seeing gem, too. She stroked him, working her hands up and down, up and down, as she began to suck on him with vigor. His balls tightened as he pumped his baronial blessing into her eager mouth She smiled up at him, satisfied with how easy it was to suck him dry.

Chaotic Evil Fuck You! Fuck You! No, Fuck You All! The chaotic evil character likes to hurt, torture, and destroy. He commits appalling acts on the merest whim. Sex for him is entirely selsh and often, vio- lent. Chaotic evil creatures sometimes seek sexual satisfaction through rape, mutilation, bestiality, or the abuse of helpless creatures. These aspects of sex are prohibited among all but demonic society and despised by all the other alignments.

The Book of Erotic Fantasy intentionally omits all but the mention of such heinous acts. Sex and the Species In a campaign with a sexual dimension, many ques- tions about characters and monsters sexuality arise. Which kinds of creatures favor monogamy? Which tend toward bisexuality? Which engage in interspe- cies procreation? While any given species has individuals that span the full spectrum of sexuality and sexual preferences, delineating sexual proclivities by species proves use- ful in providing a rich and complex world where dierent societies have dierent sexual norms.

Player Character Races The following entries describe the general attitudes of the races found in Core Rulebook I, as pertaining to sexuality, as well as how each races handles preg- nancy and childbirth. Dwarf Love is like stone Dwarves tend toward homospecies, heterosexual- ity, and monogamy. They usually choose one dwarf of the opposite sex and bond for life.

Marriage is respected by dwarven communities and held as a sacred vow. The community elders arrange most marriages. Love is an emotion dutifully cultivated within marriage. It does not come easily and requires much skill and shaping. Despite their reputation as curmudgeons, dwarves are energetic lovers, known for their prolonged sex- ual sessions, which can last for a full day or more. Still dwarves are not very sexually adventurous, sticking with tried and true methods and shying away from many kinks that other races may enjoy.

Like everything else in the dwarven community, dwarves are taught the basics of sex in the same way that they would learn about how to handle a hammer and tongs at a forgesome things are done just so, as that is the way its always been. Humans, elves, and gnomes are often amused that many dwarf commu- nities provide their young dwarves who reach sexual maturity typically around 40 years , are provided a manual of acceptable sexual positions, often writ- ten out in a dry, clinical prose.

It is accepted that male warriors may come to love their fellows, showing remarkable loyalty as brothers-in- arms. Lesbianism, however, is even more rare and is viewed with suspicion. In those communities where females greatly outnumber males often due to war- time attrition , females sometimes pair up and form lifelong partnerships. Dwarven Pregnancy and Childbirth Dwarves have long, and relatively painful some would say stubborn pregnancies.

However, as betting the stoic nature of most dwarves, preg- nant females do their best to mask this pain, seeing it as a sign of weakness to be overcome. Although already noted for their protective nature, a dwarf community becomes extremely, almost obsessively, concerned with the safety and comfort of a pregnant female. During this time, a pregnant mother retreats from the main part of society, to be looked after by the matriarchs of the clan, who sing never-ending chants to help the child come into the world.