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The series of choreographed postures aim to develop your strength, balance and flexibility but also focus on your body alignment and specific needs. When attended on a regular basis, this yoga class can help you correct your posture, improve your breathing technique and maintain healthy internal organs. This yoga practice is suitable for beginners to more experienced yogis regardless of their shape, size, age or ability.

The yoga instructor will demonstrate postures, help you focus and correct your alignment. They will also provide posture alternatives, if you find it difficult to do the full pose or have injuries.

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Desk Correction Yoga. Dynamic Yoga. Dynamic Yoga What is Dynamic Yoga? Pilates Core. With Pilates Core you gain body awareness necessary to exercise sports, but also to perform daily activities such as lifting or bending. Carefully selected set of poses and sequences will prepare your body for any challenge. Pilates Core focuses on correct movement patterns, that is correct tension and stretch of the muscles. We also add proper breathing to that kind of work. We refine basic poses, and when we reach perfection, we go further by introducing more complex exercises to the training.

Therefore, for this training we invite people who like precision and work with mindfulness and concentration. As a reward you will receive: a healthy body and relaxed mind. Exercises, using asana, strengthen the spine, relax the muscles with particular emphasis on the deep muscles — responsible for protecting the internal organs and spine.

A guide to the most common yoga styles

These exercises are being done at a slow pace. We focus on the deep muscles that stabilize the spine. We strengthen the abdomen, stretch the legs, relax the hips. All of that soothes tight muscles and overloaded joints. Mild practice will also help to deepen the breath, which has a positive impact on reducing stress and chilling out.

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The classes are preventive. Aimed also for pregnant women. Classes for ladies after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Childbirth is compared to running a marathon.

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You will learn to breathe correctly. An important element here is Kegel exercises on pelvic floor muscles, which are also important after delivery. The exercises soothe a sore lower back. They will let you relax and calm down. Practice during pregnancy has a positive effect on the normal development of the fetus. Furthermore it improves metabolism, facilitates childbirth, eg.

This is my preferred style of learning yoga and, I think, the safest and most traditional. You go at your own pace, on your own breath.

Teachers lead classes that flow from one pose to the next without stopping to talk about the finer points of each pose. That way, students come away with a good workout as well as a yoga experience. If you're new to yoga, it is a good idea to take a few classes in a slower style of yoga first to get a feel for the poses.

A guide to the most common yoga styles

Vinyasa flow is really an umbrella term for many other styles. Some studios call it flow yoga, flow-style yoga, dynamic yoga or vinyasa flow.

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It is influenced by ashtanga yoga. Bikram yoga is the favourite of anyone who loves to sweat.

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It was created by Indian yogi Bikram Choudhury in the early s. He designed a sequence of 26 yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the muscles as well as compress and "rinse" the organs of the body. The poses are done in a heated room to facilitate the release of toxins. Every bikram class you go to, anywhere in the world, follows the same sequence of 26 poses. Kundalini yoga was designed to awaken energy in the spine.

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Kundalini yoga classes include meditation, breathing techniques such as alternate nostril breathing, and chanting, as well as yoga postures. Hatha yoga really just means the physical practice of yoga asanas as opposed to, say, chanting. Hatha yoga now commonly refers to a class that is not so flowing and bypasses the various traditions of yoga to focus on the asanas that are common to all.

It is often a gentle yoga class. Yin yoga comes from the Taoist tradition and focuses on passive, seated postures that target the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Poses are held for anywhere between one and 10 minutes. The aim is to increase flexibility and encourage a feeling of release and letting go.

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It is a wonderful way to learn the basics of meditation and stilling the mind. As such, it is ideal for athletic types who need to release tension in overworked joints, and it is also good for those who need to relax. Restorative yoga is all about healing the mind and body through simple poses often held for as long as 20 minutes, with the help of props such as bolsters, pillows and straps.