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Commonwealth Writers Conversation: at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival, India.

What is Commonwealth Literature? Salman Rushdie June 19, Arun Koladkar November 1, September 25, Narayan October 10, May 13, Kazuo Ishiguro November 8, The pace at which the literatures which make up commonwealth literature have developed puts each of them in a different stage of continuity within these literatures is largely futile.

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The diversity in the literature is something to celebrate because it adds much to the richness of literature in English, The movement of commonwealth literature from the periphery of English literary studies toward the centre is made the more difficult by the fact that formal teaching of commonwealth is itself peripheral. Combining the elements of magic and fantasy, the grimmest realism, extravagant farce, multi-mirrored analogy and a potent symbolic the astonishing energy of novel unprecedented in scope, manner and achievement in the hundred and fifty year old tradition of the Indian novel in English.

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S Naipaul. Starting with Grimus, a work in fantasy, Rushdie went on to create the real sub-continent condition in his phenomenal works Midnight's Children and Shame. His investigation of life led him to the uncovering of the true circumstances in India and Pakistan. Individual human personality, the novelist realised, proved meaningless in the present global situation.

Be personified India and Pakistan for the true realisation of life in the two countries. In his endeavour towards the adequate presentation of the complete human condition Rushdie adopts non-linear, non-naturalistic forms to meet the challenge of portraying reality. Recalling them be said,.

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Something of the capriciousness of those years spill over in his first novel. Midnight's Children is a memory novel and therefore a semi-fantasy, nonetheless dealing with stark realities:.

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It selects, eliminates, alters, exaggerates, minimises, glorifies and vilifies also: but in the end it creates its own reality". In his essay " commonwealth literature does not exist". He says that. It demands that sources, forms, style, language and symbol all derive from a supposedly homogenous and unbroken tradition". An exoticized culture must always show its credentials in order to prove itself worthy of 'special attention'.

While Western culture seems dynamic, progressive and developed. It is demanded of exoticized cultures to be original, pure, simple and preferably religious. The term postcolonial implies a kind of pre-colonial purity which has become corrupted because it could not resist the colonizers domination.

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It does not take into account that the process of colonization changes both the coloniser and the colonised and that cultural exchange in heterogeneous and not singular. Racial, cultural, linguistic singularity or purity is only unlikely but also a pathological pursuit. The exact characteristic of commonwealth literature also remains debatable. The Commonwealth Writers Translation Symposium will explore the role of the creative industries in the fostering of South and Southeast Asian translation.

It will provide the impetus for sustained research and skill-sharing over time. As part of its support to translation, Commonwealth Writers will facilitate discussions on a range of topics such as the politics of translation; themes of representation and inclusion of people in all their diversity; infrastructure and funding; the moral and ethical responsibilities of the translator; and best practices for training translators from, into, and between local languages. English French Spanish. My IYIL