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Year Start Finish Attendance Notes 28 August His research focuses on expertise and attention in dogs and humans. Since Canis lupus familiaris first shared a fire with man more than 15, years ago, dogs have been trusted and valued coworkers.

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Yet the relatively new field of canine ergonomics is just beginning to unravel the secrets of this collaboration. As with many new fields, the literature on working dogs is scattered across several non-overlapping disci.

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A Cognitive Science Perspective. Flirt pole work is often used in training to teach skills that the dog will need later in protection work, in particular, targeting skills and grip. Even though the practice of dog fighting is illegal, historically several types of equipment have been used to train and condition fighting dogs.

A flirt pole was commonly used to train these dogs for cardiovascular and speed workouts and to encourage prey drive. Using a flirt pole with a cloth or rag is common with trainers who train for lure coursing and other activities where high prey drive is desired, and is referred to as "rag work".

Some professional breeders advocate using flirt pole skill exercises as a part of that conditioning in order to create acceptable outlets for the prey drive, which, along with bite inhibition training, decreases the likelihood of a puppy using his prey drive in an inappropriate manner.

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Dog owners and dog walkers who need to exercise dogs but are unable to walk them for example when the person is unable to walk or walking may be dangerous sometimes use a flirt pole as a solution to exerting the dog's energy in a small space, in a room or backyard. In addition to improving a dog's skills in particular for competitive dogs , flirt pole exercises improve canine health.

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Active flirt pole work helps to strengthen heart and lung function, improve balance, fine-tune motor skills, and strengthen muscles and joints. Any exercise for dogs, including with the flirt pole, helps release anxious energy which leads to destructive behaviors and to maintain healthy body functions.

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The type of activity that a flirt pole encourages is for healthy dogs in good physical condition. Flirt pole exercises should not be done with very young dogs under a year or with dogs that are not in good health such as obese dogs, dogs with joint problems or dogs with heart problems.

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Health risks include muscle and joint injuries, especially if jumping is involved since poor landings result in injury, and over-exertion too much hard running. In addition, without proper training, retrieving the lure from the dog may be challenging.