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Solid State Physics Applications

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Module summary

This course provides an introduction to Solid State Physics: the physics of matter in the solidified state. This part of condensed matter physics is very important in applications e.


The following topics are treated: heat capacity of solids, electrons in metals, structure of materials, geometry of solids crystal lattices , waves in crystals reciprocal lattice. At the end of the course knowledge and insight is obtained on the sturcture and properties of solids. One is able to perform calculations and derivations within the theoretical descriptions. Rare copper oxide exhibits unusual magnetic properties and spin-orbit interactions The scientists of Ural Federal University conducted a study in which they found that one of the copper oxides with a structure of a rare mineral spinel—CuAl2O4—is a material with unusual magnetic properties and structure Condensed Matter.

Applications of quantum field theory in condensed matter

May 16, Superconduction—why does it have to be so cold? Feb 20, Superconductors: Resistance is futile Every standard cable, every wire, every electronic device has some electric resistance. Jan 28, Interdisciplinary interactions inspire new discovery Following an interdisciplinary approach, researchers in Japan have found new catalysts using unique Heusler alloys.

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Sep 20, Russian and German physicists developed a mathematical model of trapped atoms and ions A team of physicists from RUDN, JINR Dubna , and the University of Hamburg Germany developed a mathematical model for describing physical processes in hybrid systems that consists of atoms and ions cooled down to temperatures Sep 13, Shaping terahertz beams with extremely high precision via 3-D printing Terahertz radiation can be used for a wide variety of applications and is used today for airport security checks just as much as it is for material analysis in the lab.

Jul 11, Tattoo electrodes from an ink-jet printer for long-term medical diagnostics Electrodes for longterm monitoring of electrical impulses of heart or muscles in the form of temporary tattoos produced using an ink-jet printer.

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