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Any idea what to do next? User Info: cooleyes Top Voted Answer. If you go by the armadillo's sheriffs office later there will be another person there asking about there wife.

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After that if you go by the sheriffs office again a woman will be asking about her husband and then you get a conclusion. User Info: ghostfacekilr The American Appetites stranger quest has three parts to it.

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Check the sheriff's office in Armadillo every so often as you progress through the game, and the new parts a "? User Info: HapCamp. After the first initial quest, I had two more following it. On the third I chose to kill the cause as little spoilers as possible I think it happens as you progress through the story a little, but you have to come back to Armadillo town quite a lot during the story missions, which will allow you to pick it up then.

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Keep returning to armadillo and you'll eventually be able to continue the quest. Keep doing that until you finish. It'll be pretty obvious when the quest ends User Info: DJeezy A lot of the mini quests leaves you hanging.

Just progress through the game and eventually you'll get the follow-up quest. User Info: Linkitch. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Some of the most popular American visual artists have recognized that there is more than a measure of truth to that observation and have appropriated the iconography churned out by the admen for their own arch and transgressive purposes.

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American Appetites : A Documentary Reader

In other words, her subject is America. Her cut paper collages, almost all of which are jewel boxes of detail, show this country at its most drunkenly rapacious and prone to violence. The far wall of the well-used gallery space at the Arts Center is given over to a series of images of things that will kill you at varying rates of speed: cigarettes, liquor and guns. Haynes layers each collage like she is arranging flowers and three improbable bouquets emerge: "Drunk," "Smoked," and "Fired.

In "Target Audience" the booze, smokes and guns are rearranged to form a bull's-eye.

It is a bit too on the nose and Haynes can occasionally be needlessly direct in making her points but there it is. The journey continues through American brand names and the stories they can unwittingly tell with "N.

American Appetites (novel, 1989)

It's daring to make a collage like this because such an idea can easily trespass into waiting room schlock. But Haynes succeeds. Though replacing the Statue of Liberty with a syringe or having the Williamsburg Bridge emerge from a tube of Williams Luxury Shaving Cream may, again, be a bit too obvious, as a whole it absolutely works. Haynes turns the city into a Faberge egg of old fashioned Madison Avenue razzmatazz.

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  • It is readily apparent—it's even mentioned in the show notes—that Haynes has a keen appreciation for old advertisements and general printed ephemera. In addition to an obvious aesthetic point of view, Haynes also brings an archivist's sensibility to her work that allows it function on several levels. The inherent critique of a consumer society that you'd expect from a show called "Culture Consumed" is excellent and would certainly please the Adbusters crowd and the ghost of Vidal. But it also can appeal to devotees of graphic design, who unironically see advertising as a legitimate art form.

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    It speaks to Haynes' skill that she can appeal to both of these constituencies to say nothing of the general public , without undercutting her message or archival enthusiasm. Haynes walks this tightrope most ably in the show's two best pieces. There is "Sugarcoated," a lively, even jaunty, scene of all the various things we put in our body that conspire to kill us.

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