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Shipping destination. It continues in similar vein with "Never Ending Rain" which demonstrates dynamic bass lines and excellent keyboard work. It's a catchy song with nice melody. Overall, I can only say that this is a good compilation of music which can accompany you in your relax time because there is practically no complex arrangements from their compositions. It's digestible for most people, I think. Keep on proggin'..! Review by ZowieZiggy Prog Reviewer. Not willing to mimic "Bowie" in one of his great songs "Five Years" of course , but this is exactly the time that separates the last two albums from this Dutch Band.

And when I heard "Hello World" the opening number, I just wondered why they haven't called it quit. So far, they released average four to poor two albums.

Journey with Absent Friends

At best, the band sounds melodic, but lately this aspect has been dropped for a more AOR-ish sound. The same sort of adventure awaits you with "Stick Around" unfortunately. The quiet "Call It Chance" is received as a nice present in comparison. A soft rock ballad, finally melodic and featuring an excellent guitar break.

Probably one of my favourite song in their whole repertoire but it is true to say that there aren't many.

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Their popish aspect is present in the title track. Somewhat harder and "Muse" oriented in the structure. Not too bad after all. It ends almost as "Wonder" opens. This one is the longest song of "Square One" and its strengths are also its weaknesses. Actually, its diversity makes it like several songs patched up together without lots of unity. But for once that the band writes some more complex music, let's not discourage them. Another good guitar break at the end of this piece is welcome as well. It seems that FAF has learned from Mostly Autumn : almost each song is punctuated with a very good guitar solo at the end.

It is again the case for "Berlin Wall", and it is its only attraction. Another attraction is the closing number. Even if I prefer the original one, I have to say that it was quite a surprise to listen this one on a FAF album called simply Billy here.

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  4. This album is on par with their first two ones. At times enjoyable but I can't really say that it is a good album.

    10 Feb 12222

    Two stars. But my memory didn't serve me well I'm afraid. This work is pretty boring. Only one song is worth your attention. The title track, which is the longest song here, features some very good theme changes, a more complex texture than usual and a great guitar solo at the end of the song.

    A highlight a rare bird on this album. Apart from this one, nothing else than uninspired music. The latter being really painful. Poor of me! But the general feeling while listening to the naive rock ballad "Little Things" is dulness. Just to mention another positive comment, I admit that the guitar sounds nice during this song.

    What comes next is not brilliant. And since the band gently ask "Don't Hurt Me", I won't do it but I can tell you that this funky tune is one of their worse ever.

    Absent friends

    The good point about "The One" is that it is the closing number and that I have been through the whole of this album with little damages since it is not a long one. One star. This album is not different from their previous ones. Third division neo-prog. Even if the opener is pleasant and features nice and catchy chorus and a very melodic mood. And "FAF" is trying to come up with the same sort of tune all along "Tintinnabulation".

    Mellowish, syrupy and not effective music "Don't Say". Listening to this entire album is almost like listening to a long and unique song. Same structure, same tone. At times, a more interesting melody "Ignorance" are bringing back some hope but globally there is no highlight on this album.

    The track which comes the closest to this status is the good instrumental "Way Out Of Line". I wonder if they did it on purpose, but to call one of their songs "Waste Of Time" shows a great sense of humour. Press next.